Hallah cover

Germany (?)
20th century
Printed satin silk, edged in wide, gathered silk ribbon; silk lining
Hebrew inscriptions: kiddush for the Sabbath, the Three Pilgrimage Festivals and Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year); benediction for lighting candles on the Sabbath and Holidays, "Shalom Aleichem"; "May it be Your will..." benediction for the first night of Sukkot and the invitation of the Ushpizin (the seven bliblical guests); images accompanied with names of holy places, Moses and Aharon, menorah and vessels of the Tabernacle
H: 42.5; W: 55.5 cm
Received through JRSO (Jewish Restitution Successor Organization)
Wiesbaden collecting point number: 24
Accession number: B50.02.1719;160/002


Photo © The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, by Yair Hovav