Certificate of Appreciation to the legal advisor of the Jewish Community of Munich

Munich, Germany
Artist: Max Mandl (1864–1937)
Handwritten in red and black ink on parchment; illustrated in ink, gouache, and liquid gold
H: 36.5; W: 26.5 cm
Received through JCR (Jewish Cultural Reconstruction)
Accession number: B52.06.4044;177/077
The certificate was presented on the occasion of the silver wedding anniversary of the legal advisor and in recognition of his 25 years of activity on behalf of the Jewish Community of Munich, however his name does not appear. It is written in German over four pages and signed by members of the community board – Chairman: Kirchdoerfer, Treasurer: Nussbaum, and Secretary: Gugenheim.


Photo © The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, by Yair Hovav