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Italian Torah Ornaments

Rome, Italy, ca. 1655
Silk, gilt silver-thread embroidery

Venice, Italy, ca. 1856
Silver, repoussé, engraved, and cast

Venice, Italy, 18th century
Silver, repoussé, engraved, cast, and partly gilt

Rome, Italy, mid-18th century
Silver, repoussé and gilt

Italy, 19th century
Gold, repoussé, punched, and engraved

Gift of Jakob Michael, New York, in memory of his wife, Erna Sondheimer Michael
Gift of the Jewish Community of Padua
Gift of the Jewish Community of Rome
Accession number: O.S. B84.0280, B50.06.2640, B65.04.0186, B51.01.0163, B68.0052 ; 151/077(a-b), 146/003, 147/201(a-b), 148/186, 149/202

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The Beauty of Sanctity: Masterworks from Every Age, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 29/03/2005 - 12/11/2005

Digital presentation of this object was made possible by: The Ridgefield Foundation, New York, in memory of Henry J. and Erna D. Leir

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