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Torah ark doors from the synagogue of Rabbi Moses Isserles (the Rema)
Kraków, Poland
Early 17th century
Artists: Zalman, Hayim, and Anya(?) Schnitzer and Welwel K.S.
Lead and tin alloy; wood, painted and partly gilt
Inscribed in Hebrew with biblical quotations and the names of the artists and donors
H: 154; W: 33 cm
Anonymous gift in memory of Mattitiahu Jacubowicz, Wadowice, Poland, who perished in the Holocaust, and his wife, Haya Rivka (Helena)
Accession number: B64.09.3704 ; 195/005(a-b)

This pair of doors belonged to the Torah ark in the Kraków synagogue associated with the renowned 16th-century Jewish scholar Moses Isserles. They are decorated on the inside with images of two Tabernacle implements – the Menorah and the Shewbread Table – and biblical verses relating to them (Num 8:2, Exod 25:30). The Menorah’s branches are inscribed with Psalm 67. Another inscription on the base of the lamp contains the verse “I await Your deliverance, O LORD” (Gen 49:18).

From the Israel Museum publications:
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The Beauty of Sanctity: Masterworks from Every Age, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 29/03/2005 - 12/11/2005

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