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Torah crown decorated with images of the Tablets of the Law, incense utensils, Ark of the Covenant, and the headdress of the High Priest
Padua, Italy
17th–18th century
Silver, repoussé, pierced, chiseled, and punched, cast, partly gilt
Inscribed in Hebrew: "Shaddai", and Tablets of the Law with engraved Decalogue
H: 22.5; Diam: 26 cm
The Stieglitz Collection was donated to the Museum with the contribution of Erica and Ludwig Jesselson, New York, to American Friends of the Israel Museum
Accession number: B86.0183 ; 146/063

From the Israel Museum publications:
Benjamin, Chaya, The Stieglitz Collection: Masterpieces of Jewish Art, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 1987, English / Hebrew
The Jewish World 365 Days, from the Collections of The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Publisher: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., New York, USA, 2004

The Stieglitz Collection: Masterpieces of Jewish Art, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 30/11/1987 - 21/04/1987

Digital presentation of this object was made possible by: The Ridgefield Foundation, New York, in memory of Henry J. and Erna D. Leir

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