Photo © The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Funerary loutrophoros
Athens, Greece
Late Classical period, mid-4th century BCE
Pentelic marble
H: 155 cm
Gift of Ella Brummer, Durham, North Carolina, to American Friends of the Israel Museum, in memory of her husband Ernest Brummer
Accession number: 80.50.64(a)
The loutrophoros was a pottery vessel used in Athens to carry water from the holy spring of Kallirrhoe for ceremonial washing before marriage. When a person, man or woman, died unmarried, his gravemarker was sometimes made in the distinctive shape of this vessel, alluding to the experience that he never lived to enjoy.

Birchall, A. et al., The Ernest Brummer Collection, Ancient Art, II, Zürich, 1979

Greek and Roman Marble Sculpture: Brummer Collection, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 25/02/1988 - 31/12/1994

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