Photo © The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, by Vladimir Naikhin
Figurine of a goat, decorative attachment for a large vessel
Peloponnesus, Greece
Classical Period, late 6th – early 5th century BCE
H: 6; W: 9; D: 3.5 cm
Bequest of Norbert Schimmel, New York, to American Friends of the Israel Museum
Accession number: 91.71.313
Goats, one of the oldest domesticated species, were also part of Greek mythology: the divine goat Amaltheia nursed Zeus and was placed among the stars as a constellation. Her horn became the “cornucopia,” or horn of plenty, a common symbol in later times.

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Gods and Mortals: Selected Objects from the Norbert Schimmel Collection, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 17/05/1992 - 31/10/1992

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