Photo © Israel Museum, Jerusalem, by Meidad Suchowolski
Funerary stele with a farewell scene
Athens, Greece
Late Classical Period, ca. 330 BCE
Pentelic marble
H: 81; W: 50 cm
Gift of Ella Brummer, Durham, North Carolina, to American Friends of the Israel Museum, in memory of her husband Ernest Brummer
Accession number: 80.50.61
Steles like these were clearly related to the more personal aspects of people’s lives, but since they stood in public places, they were also designed to impress passersby. The deceased is probably the seated woman, who holds the hand of one of her relatives. One man rests his chin on his hand, a gesture symbolizing mourning.

Chronicles of the Land, Archaeology in the Israel Museum Jerusalem, Dayagi-Mendels Michal, and Rozenberg, Silvia (eds.), The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, 2010

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