Photo © The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Rustam recues Bizhan from the pit
Illustration to the Shahnameh by Mu’in Musawwir

Isfahan, Iran
Gouache on paper
H: 28.7; W: 14.3 cm
Bequest of Yuhanna Dawud, London
Accession number: B69.0625
The Iranian prince Bizhan was invited to a feast given by Manizha, the daughter of Afrasiyab, King of Turan. The princess fell in love with Bizhan at first sight and invited him to her tent. Her father, archenemy of the Iranians, had Bizhan thrown into a pit. Rustam was sent to rescue the prince. He and his entourage, disguised as merchants, passed into Turan unnoticed, delivering Bizhan from the pit and bringing the young couple back to Iran.

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