Photo © Israel Museum, Jerusalem, by Inbal Bar Oz
Ribbed spacers with double-perforation
Found at Beth Shean
16th–13th century BCE
originally bluish and greenish glass, mold-made
Israel Antiquities Authority
Gift of Maud Spaer, Jerusalem, in memory of Nea Levin, Stockholm
Gift of the Spaer Family, Jerusalem
Gift of Galerie Nefer, Zurich
Accession number: 88.66.86, 88.66.87, 88.66.89, 88.66.128, 93.25.43, 84.6.84a-c
IAA J-1029
Spacer beads have more than one perforation and were threaded onto several parallel strands. These pieces, however, were likely to have been used as ordinary beads, on a single strand. The arched varieties are very rare and probably would have closely encircled the neck or another part of the body.

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