Photo © The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Lion and lioness at play
Beth Shean
Late Bronze Age, 14th century BCE
H: 89; W: 74; D: 25 cm
Israel Antiquities Authority
Accession number: IAA I-3861
Canaanite art in this period consisted mainly of small-scale stone sculptures, ivory and bone carvings, pottery and metal figurines, and seals and jewelry. The works reflect a fusion of foreign and Canaanite elements executed in the local artistic style.This basalt relief, which stood in a large building at Beth Shean, is one of the few monumental stone-carvings of the period. It is outstanding example of Canaanitenarrative art – story-telling in pictures

Chronicles of the Land, Archaeology in the Israel Museum Jerusalem, Dayagi-Mendels Michal, and Rozenberg, Silvia (eds.), The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, 2010

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