Photo © The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Statue of the storm god on the back of a bull
Orthostat Temple, Hazor
Late Bronze Age, second half of 2nd millennium BCE
H: 80
Israel Antiquities Authority
Accession number: IAA 1995-1483, 1995-1484
This is the largest statue of the storm god that has been found in the Land. The god is depicted standing on a bull. His left hand clasps his sword, while his right arm, now missing, was raised in a threatening gesture characteristic of this deity. The sun disk and crescent moon incised on his chest indicate his supreme position in the divine pantheon. The statue was discovered broken and buried in a pit. It probably came from the Orthostat Temple’s Holy of Holies.

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Thundering on High: Images of the Canaanite Storm God, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 29/05/2000 - 01/01/2007

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