Photo © The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, by Neta Dror
Inscription detailing quantities of grain (ostracon)
Iron Age II, early 7th century BCE
Ink on pottery
L: 10; W: 9.2 cm
Israel Antiquities Authority
Accession number: IAA 1967-982
This inscription was found in the archive of Eliashib son of Eshiyahu, commander of the fortress on Judah’s southern border. The archive findings include Eliashib’s personal seals, as well as a rich collection of letters pertaining to army, administration, and the supply of food and equipment. The letters were written on potsherds in ancient Hebrew script, using biblical Hebrew.

[Right column] "hekat 90?; hekat 30?; hekat 100 wheat (?); hekat 50 (wheat?); hekat 60 (wheat?) wine (?) pot; barley 50 (hekat); hekat [...]"
[Left column] "hekat 10 barley (?) 50 + 25; hekat 10 wheat (?); hekat 10 (wheat?); (hekat) 10 (wheat?); hekat 20 wheat (?); wine (?) pot; barley (?) 50 (hekat); barley (?) pot; [...]"

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