Photo © The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
The Gezer Calendar (replica)
Iron Age II, 10th century BCE
L: 11.1; W: 7.3 cm
Original on display in the Istanbul Archaeological Museum.
This calendar, in Phoenician script, divides the year according to agricultural labors, reflecting the centrality of farming in the lives of the Israelites.

"The (two) months of harvest; the (two) months of sowing; the (two) months of late planting; the month of reaping flax; the month of reaping barley; the month of reaping and measuring; the (two) months of (vine-)tending, the month of summer(-fruit)."

Hestrin, Ruth, Israeli, Yael, Meshorer, Yaakov, Eitan, Avraham, Inscriptions reveal: Documents from the time of the Bible, the Mishna and the Talmud, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 1973, English / Hebrew

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