Photo © Israel Museum, Jerusalem, by Avraham Hay
Hanukkah lamp modeled after ancient earthenware lamps
Djerba, Tunisia
ca. 18th century
Earthenware, glazed
H: 5; W: 40 cm
The Zeyde Schulmann Collection in the Israel Museum
Accession number: B63.11.3170 ; 118/465
This lamp is apparently modeled after one of the earliest known forms of Hanukkah lamps. Remnants of a similar Hanukkah lamp were unearthed within the ruins of a medieval synagogue, discovered in an archaeological dig in the town of Lorca, near the city of Murcia in southeastern Spain.

Benjamin, Chaya, North African Lights, Hanukkah Lamps from the Zeyde Schulman Collection in the Israel Museum, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 2003, English / Hebrew

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