Photo © Israel Museum, Jerusalem, by Elie Posner
Hanukkah lamp adorned with city emblem and family emblems
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Pewter, cast and engraved
Inscription: “ANNO 1674”
H: 30; L: 28.4 cm
Gift of Rudolf Herz, London, from the bequest of Walter Herz
Accession number: B66.03.0548 ; 118/568
This Hanukkah lamp was probably created to mark the centennial of a wedding that took place in Amsterdam, joining two Portuguese Jewish families. This can be inferred from the combination of engraved motifs, which include the city emblem of Amsterdam, two family emblems, two hands embraced in a handshake, and the year 1674 – which precedes the making of the lamp by 112 years. The covers above the oil fonts are shaped like army helmets.

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