Photo © Israel Museum, Jerusalem, by Elie Posner
Hanukkah lamp with a depiction of the prophet Zechariah's vision
Rome, Italy
Silver, cast, repoussé, engraved, and partly gilt
Inscribed in Hebrew: “And this is how the candelabrum was made / and he made the candelabrum of gold, etc., and its shaft and its branches, its cups, its knobs, and its flowers, shall be of one piece” [derived from Exod 25:31]; “Created from the coins of our synagogue/ the Sicilian synagogue, may God protect her / Sing and rejoice . . .”; and the Hebrew year 5570
H: 64; W: 44 cm
Gift of the Jewish Community of Rome
Accession number: B51.04.0247 ; 118/345
This Hanukkah lamp belonged to the Siciliana synagogue, one of the five synagogues that were active in the Jewish ghetto of Rome. The lamp is modeled after the Temple Menorah, and its design illustrates the vision of the prophet Zechariah: "'And what,' I asked him, 'are those two olive trees, one on the right and one on the left of the lampstand? . . . What are the two tops of the olive trees that feed their gold through those two golden tubes?' He asked me, 'Don't you know what they are? . . . They are the two anointed dignitaries who attend the Lord of all the earth.'" (Zechariah 4:11–14)

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