Photo © Israel Museum, Jerusalem, by Ofrit Rozenberg Ben-Menachem
Elijah’s Cup
Turin, Northern Italy
Mid-19th century
Silversmith: Pacifico Levi
Silver, repoussé, engraved, stamped, and partly gilt; cut silver sheet
H: 43; Diam: 8.5-16.5 cm
Gift of Alberto di Castro, Rome
Accession number: B66.06.0750 ; 133/143
The Jewish silversmith Pacifico Levi was active in Turin, in the district of Piedmont. Jews in this area had received special permission from the king to work as silversmiths, an occupation that was off-limits to most Jews in Italy and in Europe as a whole until they achieved emancipation. Levi worked for both Jews and Christians, and the goblets he made, such as the one displayed here, therefore did not bear identifying Jewish signs, so that they would be suitable for both Jewish and Christian ceremonies as well as for daily use.

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