Photo © Israel Museum, Jerusalem, by Avraham Hay
Glass oil lamps with wick holders suspended by bronze hanging devices
Shlomi & Evron, Western Galilee; Visitation Church, Ein Kerem, Jerusalem, Israel
5th-7th century
Glass, bronze
H (oil lamp): 8 - 12 cm; H (hanging device): 16.5 - 34 cm
Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Israel Antiquities Authority
Accession number: 69.26.332
IAA 38-2120, 51-959, 78-2560
Natural light penetrated the church through the high clerestory windows and the windows of the facade, but since liturgical rites were also held in the evening, additional lighting was necessary. Many different types of devices were used, some of which were quite elaborate. On the tables stood bronze lamp stands, which supported oil lamps. In some cases, the stands were so tall they could be placed directly on the floor.

Israeli, Yael, and Mevorach, David, Cradle of Christianity, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 2000, English / Hebrew

Cradle of Christianity, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 28/03/2000 - 30/01/2001

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