Photo © Israel Museum, Jerusalem, by Avraham Hay
Bronze cross-pendants decorated with circles
From tombs at different places, Israel
6th-7th century
H: ca. 3 cm
Israel Antiquities Authority
Accession number: IAA 1931-317, 1949-1053, 1949-1105, 1970-1997, 1998-2495, 1999-3863, 1999-3868
Crosses were commonly worn as jewelry, the functions of which were two: to beautify and protect from harm. The most common type in the Holy Land during the Byzantine period was a small bronze pendant decorated with circles. Many crosses of this type were discovered in tombs, where they were presumably placed along with personal belonging of the deceased.

Israeli, Yael, and Mevorach, David, Cradle of Christianity, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 2000, English / Hebrew

Cradle of Christianity, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 28/03/2000 - 30/01/2001

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