Photo © The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Madonna and child, fragment of a wall painting
Crusader Period, 12th century
Plaster and pigment
H: 62; W: 45; D: 42 cm
Israel Antiquities Authority
Accession number: IAA 1999-2151
This fragment orginally decorated a church. Mary's head is surrounded by a halo, and to her right part of the infant Jesus' head can be seen. This is an iconic depiction of the Madonna and Child of a type referred to as Virgin Hodegtria, which generally shows the virgin holding the infant Jesus in her left arm while pointing to him with her right. The fragment exhibits a Byzantine painting style and resembles paintings found in churches in Bethlehem and Abu Ghosh.

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Knights of the Holy Land: The Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 15/07/1999 - 01/01/2000

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