Laver and basin for Priests' ritual hand washing with dedicatory inscriptions

Pest, Hungary
Silver, repoussé and engraved
The Hebrew inscriptions around the rim of the basin and on the laver mention that the set was donated to the Burial Society by Yitzhak, son of Moshe Leib Abelsberg, in memory of Leviah, his young wife, on condition that the Burial Society would pray for her every day, in accordance with tradition; and indicate the Hebrew year
Laver: H: 19.2, Diam: 9 cm
Bowl: L: 30; W: 23 cm
Received through JRSO (Jewish Restitution Successor Organization)
Wiesbaden collecting point number: 5974
Accession number: B50.02.0763, B50.02.0683;137/006, 136/021


Photo © Jewish Museum of Switzerland, Basel, by Dieter Hofer