Small charity bowl with inscription

Marosvásárhely, Transylvania
Silversmith: Shmuel Philip (active second half of the 19th century)
Silver, repoussé and engraved
The Hebrew inscription mentions that the bowl was made from charity funds under leadership of the [Burial Society?] wardens ("gabbaim") Wolf Chrineuer, Ya'akovka Rubinstein and Yehudah Fisher from Vasarhel (Vásárhely, probably a shortened form of Marosvásárhely); and the Hebrew year
W: 15; Diam: 12.5 cm
Received through JRSO (Jewish Restitution Successor Organization)
Wiesbaden collecting point number: 5940
Accession number: B50.02.0574;130/025
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Photo © The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, by Yair Hovav