Burial Society Torah ark curtain for High Holidays

Patterned linen; silk velvet appliqué, gilt metal cord and silk thread embroidery on cardboard cutouts; metal thread industrial ribbon; cotton lining
The Hebrew inscription mentions Clerl, daughter of the late Rabbi Moshe Pinter, who donated (and possibly made) the curtain to the Burial Society of the Holy Community of Bekesh (probably Békéscsaba), in memory of her husband, Rabbi Israel Zeev Halevi Weiss; the Hebrew year and the abbreviation for Torah Crown.
H: 230; W: 160 cm
Received through JRSO (Jewish Restitution Successor Organization)
Wiesbaden collecting point number: T396
Accession number: B50.02.1777;152/004


Photo © The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, by Yair Hovav