The extensive Egyptian presence in Canaan also led to the worship of Canaanite gods by Egyptians and the integration of these gods into the Egyptian pantheon. The Canaanite gods, both male and female, received the standard epithets of Egyptian deities. They were venerated by kings as well as private individuals and were depicted on Egyptian royal and private monuments in both Egypt and Canaan. The Canaanite gods most commonly appearing on Egyptian monuments of the New Kingdom include the Canaanite nude goddess, referred to as Qdeshet; the goddesses Anat and Astarte; the god Ba‘al, identified with the Egyptian god Seth, patron of the rulers of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Dynasties; and the god Reshef, identified with the Egyptian war god Montu. The worship of Canaanite gods by Egyptians is the most outstanding expression of the cultural impact of Egyptian rule in Canaan.