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Historical flags
Declaration of Independence
We hereby declare
The spiritual father of the Jewish State
The realization of the age-old dream
By the Elected Constituent Assembly
Their ancient homeland
Loving peace
But defend itself
Like all other nations
Catastrophe which befell the Jewish people
Regular authorities of the State
A thriving community
Immigration and Ingathering of the Exiles
Their spiritual, religious and political identity
To all its inhabitants
The Holy Places of all religions
Member of the community of nations
Created cultural values
The eternal Book of Books
Yitzhak Rabin
Ilan Ramon
Ilan Feinberg


Blue and White Pages is organized in collaboration with the 60th Anniversary Celebration Committee and the Israel State Archives

The exhibition is made possible by the donors to the Israel Museum’s 2008 Exhibition Fund:
Melva Bucksbaum and Raymond J. Learsy, Aspen, Colorado
Ruth and Leon Davidoff, Paris and Mexico City
Hanno D. Mott, New York
The Nash Family Foundation, New York
Exhibition promotion supported by The History Channel

Exhibition Curator: Ido Bruno
Chief Curator in Charge: Yigal Zalmona, Chief Curator-at Large
Assistant Curator: Inbal Lizorik
Exhibition design: Ido Bruno, Yoav Reches
Website and gallery work-stations: New Media Unit, Susan Hazan, Webmaster: Ehab Jallad, Web Designer: Haya Sheffer
Graphic design: Adi Stern, Sarah Lieberman
Hebrew editor: Tami Michaeli, Revital Mazover
Translation and English editing: Susan Seligman, Anna Barber, Louise Fischer
Graphic implementation: Yael Diner
Video editing: Na'ama Shender
Restoration and preservation: Michael Magen, Ludmilla Khodorkovsky, Kochavit Shiryon, Ghiora Elon

In gratitude to the Israel Museum, Jerusalem Computer and Information Systems Department, directed by Doron Eisenhamer

Exhibition construction: Morris Lasseri, Meidad Marzan, Itai Galim, Shay Shafranek
Lighting: Yehuda Levi
Audio-visual systems: Menachem Amin, Avi Elmelech
Promotion: Rachel Shechter, Dena Scher
Events: Sarke Lieberfreund, Roni Peled
Assistance: Meira Bossem

Thanks to Judith Amselem, Eran Arye,  Yael Bamberger, Galit Bennett, Susan Hazan, Yudit Caplan, Flavia Lwow,  Dor Lin,  Dudi Mevorach, Iuju Orenstein, Ephrat Pomerantz, Raphael Radovan, Adolfo Roitman, Pesach Ruder, 
Sima Sayag, Haya Sheffer, Ariel Tishbi, Nirit Zur, and museum volunteers

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