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Historical flags
Declaration of Independence
We hereby declare
The spiritual father of the Jewish State
The realization of the age-old dream
By the Elected Constituent Assembly
Their ancient homeland
Loving peace
But defend itself
Like all other nations
Catastrophe which befell the Jewish people
Regular authorities of the State
A thriving community
Immigration and Ingathering of the Exiles
Their spiritual, religious and political identity
To all its inhabitants
The Holy Places of all religions
Member of the community of nations
Created cultural values
Yitzhak Rabin
Ilan Ramon
Avshalom Feinberg

Blue and White Pages
Documenting the History of Israel

Blue and White Pages: Documenting the History of Israel is the product of a joint venture, involving both the Israel Museum and the Israel State Archives. This exhibition marks the 60th anniversary of the State of Israel by inviting visitors to reflect on rare, original documents, unique within the nation's history. Most are from the Israel State Archives, the national archives of Israel. Among the exhibits are texts such as the Declaration of Independence founding documents which contain crucial discussions and decisions. Some documents were included because of the centrality of the event to which they bear witness, while others have a particularly moving or evocative human dimension. The items were selected from among the hundreds of millions of documents preserved at the archives.

Some of the extraordinary, ancient written documents in the Museums collection have been woven into the exhibition, thus connecting contemporary reality and historical time. These faint glimmerings of ancient memory help light the way for some of the milestones on Israels path.

The explanations accompanying the documents from the State Archives were written by Gil Weissblei, Yemima Rosenthal, Arnon Lammfromm, Nana Sagi and Louise Fischer. The explanations for all other exhibits were written by the Museum staff and the curators of the exhibition.

Exhibition Curator: Ido Bruner
Chief Curator inCharge: Yigal Zalmona
Assistant Curator: Inbal Lizorik

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