Face to Face: The Oldest Masks in the World

Debby Hershman, with contributions by Yuval Goren; Leore Grosman, Ahiad Ovadia, and Alexander Bogdanovsky

A group of extremely rare 9,000-year-old stone masks, created in the Judean Hills and Desert and the oldest such objects known to date, are among the most ancient human portraits. Following a decade of research into these enigmatic masks, in 2014 they were displayed together in their birthplace for the first time, in an internationally acclaimed exhibition at the Israel Museum. To share the masks' importance – as well as their beauty – with a global audience, the Museum has published a comprehensive catalogue containing informative texts by experts in the field and replete with dramatic photographs. The book offers a unique opportunity to discover the secrets of these powerful, magical, and artistic stone faces.

2014 • English • 96 pages • soft cover • 27 x 21 cm • ISBN 978 965 278 429 2 • order code 7290105414373

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