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Design for Thought: Contemporary Product Design from Britain

September 15, 2005-January 31, 2006
Location: Ayala Zacks Abramov Pavilion for Israeli Art
Curator: Alex Ward
Today London - perhaps even more than centers like Milan and New York - is a hothouse of young, creative design. This exhibition highlights the growing call for a critical approach to design practice, demonstrated in different ways in two adjoining sections: "Found/Made/Thought: The Work of Industrial Facility," presenting the output of the London-based studio founded by industrial designer Sam Hecht and architect Kim Colin; and "PopNoir: Critical Designs Selected by Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby," featuring works by the latest generation of London-trained designers. The display ranges from products created within the constraints of commercial considerations to design ideas that represent a radical departure from existing practice, suggesting a future in which consumers will demand something more substantial than style and will seek out products that address genuine fears and needs.