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50 Years of Youth Wing Children
A Student Exhibition in Honor of the Israel Museum 50th Anniversary

May 11, 2015-October 11, 2015

Location: Ruth Youth Wing

The 50th birthday of the Israel Museum is a special reason to
celebrate and rejoice, but also a chance to look at ourselves
and ask: Where did we begin? What were we like when we
were little? Who are we and where do we go from here?
The Youth Wing marks the anniversary with three exhibitions
that deal with these questions. They explore relationships
and connections between the past and the present, between
children and adults, between art and our real lives. And
they celebrate this special part of the museum where art is
displayed, studied, and even created.
Three generations of children of the Youth Wing are invited
to visit the exhibitions and share their memories. The kids
of the 1960s are returning with their children, and even their
grandchildren, to touch (literally!) the 50-year-old spirit
of the wing. What has changed and what has remained
the same? Through the exhibits, the visitors can look at
themselves – and us – from the side, so to speak. What has
happened in the last 50 years in the museum, in art, in
Israel, and in the world?
“50 Years of Youth Wing Children” is an exhibition of art
created by children who studied and worked here over the
last half a century.