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Each Year Anew: A Century of Shanah Tovah Cards

August 19, 2015-November 8, 2016

Location: Reading Room (Library Foyer)

Curator: Rachel Sarfati

A selection of Jewish New Year cards created and circulated in 20th-century Europe, America, and Israel. With imagery relating to different historical  events, these cards tell the dramatic story of the Jewish people throughout the century. The exhibition also displays illustrated New Year’s greetings  from the late 19th century which preceded the cards, as well as Shanah Tovah posters designed in recent years by Israeli graphic artist David  Tartakover as a response to political events and social issues affecting the country, which create a fascinating dialogue with the traditional imagery.

Exhibition catalogue for sale in the Museum shops
All of the cards illustrated in the catalogue belong to the Israel Museum and most come from the Hayim Stayer Collection, unless otherwise indicated. The Stayer Collection was acquired for the Museum by Alberto Deller and Frida Klein-Deller of Quito, Ecuador, in memory of their son Pierre Philippe Deller Klein, and in honor of their grandchildren: Alexis and Adriel, Samantha, Harrison and James, and Aaron and Natalie