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European Imprint
Jacob Pins and German Expressionism

April 8, 2017-

Location: Ticho House

Curator: Ronit Sorek

Marking the centenary of Israeli woodcut artist Jacob Pins, this exhibition displays his works alongside those of pioneering German Expressionist artists from the early twentieth century, including Emil Nolde and Karl Schmidt- Rottluff. Thus the exhibition examines these artists' significant influence on Pins, whose style is characterized by an ironic and poignant world view, as well as revealing his complex relationship with his native Germany.

In conjunction, the Jerusalem Print Workshop presents two exhibitions: a display of woodcuts by Israeli artists who carry on the tradition of using this medium as a means of protest, as well as a display of works by the winners of the Jacob Pins Prize for an Israeli Graphic Artist, awarded bi-annually by the Israel Museum.