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A Hoard from the Foot of the Temple Mount

Special Exhibit
September 1, 2014-

Location: The Holy Land Gallery, Samuel and Saidye Bronfman, Archaeology Wing

Curator: Dudi Mevorach

This rare Byzantine hoard was discovered at the site of the Temple Mount, and is now on display to the public for the first time. The hoard contains coins and jewelry made of gold and silver, including a gold medallion bearing the image of the Temple's seven-branched menorah - the largest and most impressive discovery of its kind. Although much remains unknown about the significance and function of these artifacts, they are undoubtedly among archaeology's most exciting recent find. This display is located in the Archaeology Wing's Holy Land Gallery, which is devoted to the development of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, illuminating early chapters in the evolution of the world's three main monotheistic religions alongside one another.

The display is thanks to the generosity of Daniel Mintz and Meredith Berkman of New York.

Photo: Ouria Tadmor
© Eilat Mazar