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1965 Today

March 31, 2015-August 29, 2015

Location: Spertus Gallery, Palevsky Design Pavilion, Ayala Zacks Abramov Pavilion for Israel Art

Curator: Mira Lapidot, Aya Miron, Noga Eliash, Shua Ben-Ari, Noam Gal

1965 Today This journey into the year the Museum was born offers an intriguing and often surprising perspective on the Israeli experience, then and now. You are invited to wander among such local period signposts as the legendary ethnic garment store Maskit, the inauguration of Kolbo Shalom - the first skyscraper, Ya'acov Agam's optical art, and Levy Eshkol's victory in the national elections. In celebration of the Museum's 50th anniversary we return to 1965 and take a look at the country as it was then - more innocent, with a different aesthetics and groundbreaking creative forces. Serving as an introduction to the exhibition is an installation made of dozens of ordinary objects that represent Israel's material culture in 1965 and tell its story from original points of view. The exhibition puts the spotlight on Israel's emerging art scene in the mid-1960s, presenting over 60 artworks created by leading Israeli artists at the time, such as Mordecai Ardon and Yosef Zaritsky, and by artists who were then at the very start of their career, such as Yair Garbuz and Micha Ullman. Geva and Carmel newsreels are screened alongside personal home movies, the latter adding a personal and authentic voice to the "official soundtrack" of those years.

Arie Aroch
Untitled, 1965
Oil and pencil on cardboard mounted on canvas
Collection of Gaby and Ami Brown, Tel Aviv

Yaacov Agam 
Staccato, 1965 Oil on aluminum
Collection of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Irving B. Harris, Chicago, to the American Friends of the Israel Museum

Tilon (moped) manufactured on Kibbutz Tzora, Israel, 1963
Collection of Haim Siri and the Classic ICM mopeds (tilonim) website  

Ben-Horin Family Archive (camera: Nahum Ben-Horin)