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A Brief History of Humankind
from the Collections of The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

May 1, 2015-January 2, 2016

Location: The Route of Passage, Bella and Harry Wexner Gallery

Curator: Tania Coen-Uzzielli

An odyssey into the evolution of humankind, from prehistory to modern times. Inspired by Yuval Noah Harari’s bestselling book, the exhibition presents pivotal objects that illuminate the unfolding of civilization – from the first signs of the use of fire some 800,000 years ago and the first human-made tools, through the earliest evidence of the agricultural revolution, the invention of writing, and the earliest coins, up to Albert Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity and the revolution it caused in our worldview. Interweaving rare archaeological finds and historically significant objects with contemporary artworks, the exhibition exposes in a thought-provoking way the relationship between the past and the present.