All quotations from Flavius Josephus in English are from the Project Gutenberg site, translation by Wiliam Whiston, 1732,

All quotations of the Hebrew Bible in English are reprinted from the Tanakh: The Holy Scriptures by permission of the University of Nebraska Press. Copyright 1985, 1999 by the Jewish Publication Society, Philadelphia.

All quotations of the New Testament in English are from the Jerusalem Bible, Darton, Longman & Todd LTD, 1968

Unless otherwise noted, quotations from the Dead Sea Scrolls English translation are taken from the Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English by Geza Vermes, Allen Lane The Pinguin Press, 1997

Quotation from Genesis Apocryphon scroll is from, The Dead Sea Genesis Apocryphon by Daniel Machiela English translation, Koninklijke Brill NV, 2009, page. 74

Quotation from Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice is from The Dead Sea Scrolls Translated: The Qumran Texts in English by F. Garcia Martinez, ed. Brill: Leiden; New York; Köln, 1994

Quotation from Philo, Hypothetica, translation F.H. Colson, Loeb Classical Library, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, 1960


All items are based on:

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