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Exhibition: On the Map
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Christian van Adrichom
Map of the disposition of the Promised Land precisely clarifies biblical writings (Situs Terrae Promissionis)
ca. 1585

Benedictus Arias Montanus
A World Map

Willem Albert Bachiene,
A Map of the Land of Canaan

Willem Janszoon Blaeu
Map of the Holy Land, known in the Scriptures as the Promised Land, formerly Palestine

Heinrich Bünting
“The Whole World in the Form of a Three-Leafed Clover“

Heinrich Bünting
Map of Asia in the Shape of a Winged Horse (Pegasus)

Giovanni Francesco Camocio
Civitas Hierusalem (The City of Jerusalem)
ca. 1570

Thomas Fuller
Map of the Land Allotted to the Tribe of Zebulun

Frans Hogenberg, Flemish, 1535-1590
after Christian Van Adrichom, Dutch, 1533-1585

Imaginary Plan of Ancient Jerusalem and Its Suburbs at the Time of Jesus

Pierre Jacotin
Jerusalem and Jaffa, sheet from "Napoleon's Map"

Gerardus Mercator, Flemish, 1512-1594
after Abraham Ortelius, Flemish, 1527-1598
after Laicstain-Schrott

Map of the Holy Land - Promised Land, or Palestina
ca. 1585

Sebastian Münster
Projections after Ptolemy

Abraham Ortelius
The Wanderings and Life of Abraham the Patriarch
ca. 1603

Conrad Peutinger
"Tabula itineraria ex illusrti Peutingerorum" (The Peutinger Map) - A road map of the entire Roman Empire (detail)

After Claudius Ptolemaeus
Tabula Quarta Asiae, (The Fourth Part of the Map of Asia)

After Marino Sanuto, Italian, ca. 1270 - 1343 and
Petrus Vesconte, Italian, died ca. 1350

The Holy Land

Pierre le Rouge, French, 15th century
after Lucas Brandis de Schass, German, 15th century

Map of the Holy Land

Hartmann Schedel
The Destruction of Jerusalem

Matthaeus Seutter
Map of ancient Jerusalem after Villalpando and a Bird's-eye View of the City after M. Merian
ca. 1734

Gerard de Jode, Flemish, 1509-1591
after Tilemannus Stella, German, 1525-1589

Description of the Holy Land, Land of Promise, or Palestine

Mordecai Ben Abraham Yaffe
The Delineation of the Borders
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