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Torah crown and finials
Aden, Southern Yemen
Second half of the 19th century
Silver, repoussé and stamped
Crown: H: 41; Diam: 35 cm
Purchased through the gift of the Weisz children in memory of their father, David Weisz
Accession number: B92.1542, B92.1544(a-b) ; 146/073, 147/353(a-b)

Situated on the trade route between the Far East and the West, the port city of Aden in Southern Yemen had a Jewish presence already in the 10th century. This Torah crown from Aden – with an unusual form that also incorporates the finials –combines Yemenite style and foreign motifs, attesting to the community’s cosmopolitan identity. The rich decoration includes geometric patterns and biblical quotations from Exodus and Psalms, along with excerpts from the prophecies of Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Malachi.

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