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The Jewelry of Jewish Women in the Draa Valley

Bordering on the Sahara desert, this region remained unexposed to the influence of Spanish culture, and therefore retained the traditional mode of dress. The headgear worn by Jewish women (talgamutt) was also popular among the local Berber population. Adorning the woman’s temples were ostrich feathers (riush) and large hoops which, despite their size, were sometimes worn as earrings. The pair on view is reconstructed, as no original pieces of this kind were preserved. Shaped like a drop or breast, the fibulae which fasten women’s wraps were often filled with amulets or aromatic herbs. Heavy bracelets and a wealth of rings adorned women’s hands, and some even wore rings in their hair.

The Zeyde Schulmann Collection in the Israel Museum
Purchased through the gift of Baroness Alix de Rothschild, Paris
Accession number: B63.10.2582, B63.11.2847, B63.11.2987, B71.0509, B71.0547(a-b), B72.0903, B05.0901

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