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Winged sleeves wedding dress (back)
Sandor, Iraqi Kurdistan
Hand-spun raw silk, silk-thread embroidery
L: 127; W: 185 cm
Purchased through the gift of Joseph Boxenbaum, Herzliya
Accession number: B77.0121

The wedding dress was made by the bride Farha Kirma and her father. Their efforts extended from the primary stages of collecting the silk cocoons, through spinning, dyeing, weaving, sewing, and embroidering.

From the Israel Museum publications:
Juhasz, Esther (ed.), The Jewish Wardrobe from the Collection of The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 5 Continents Editions, Milan and The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 2012

Dress Codes: Revealing the Jewish Wardrobe, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Bella and Harry Wexner Gallery, 11/03/2014 - 07/03/2015

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