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Bridal dress (bindalli)
Edirne, Turkey
Early 20th century
Velvet, gilt metal threads, couched embroidery on cardboard cutouts
L: 145; W: 320 cm
Gift of Evelyne Mayorkas Hertzig, Dinah Mayorkas Pichot, Jacques Mayorkas, Paris, Alberte Mayorkas Wadler, New York, in memory of their mother, Colombe Papo
Accession number: B84.0816

See photo from the archive.

From the Israel Museum publications:
Juhasz, Esther (ed.), The Jewish Wardrobe from the Collection of The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 5 Continents Editions, Milan and The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 2012

Dress Codes: Revealing the Jewish Wardrobe, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Bella and Harry Wexner Gallery, 11/03/2014 - 07/03/2015

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