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Woman's Attire from Northeastern Morocco
Debdou, Morocco

Cotton, smock-stitched embroidery with artificial silk and cotton thread
L: 105; W: 82 cm

Breast panel
Linen and silk; chain-stitched embroidery with fabric-covered and couched-metal thread; cotton, wool thread machine-embroidery
L: 48; W: 33 cm

Skirt (saya)
Industrially printed mixed wool, machine-made metal ribbon thread
L: 85; W: 260 cm

The Zeyde Schulmann Collection in the Israel Museum
Accession number: B63.10.2373, B63.10.2392, B63.10.2401

The Jewish attire of Debdu, a town close to the Algerian border, combined elements of local rural dress, the urban styles of Jewish women in Morocco’s coastal towns, and, surprisingly, European folk costumes. The embroidery of the chemise is reminiscent of traditional European needlework, while the skirt, with its unique cut and vibrant colors, recalls the skirts worn by Gipsy women throughout Europe, who would also layer two or three skirts over a wide under-skirt. The breast panel appears to be a remnant of the style of the "Great Dress," whose lavish gold-threaded embroidery adorned the garments of urban Jewish woman.

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